About Us

Nirankari Infotech is a Company That Started its Journey in 2018 

With a Single Question in Mind:

How Do You Start Making Money Online—From Scratch?


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This is where it all began, all the way from comparing latest technologies — to getting Millions views.


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Our Story

Manjit Singh was spawned one late autumn evening in 2016 while discussing our current life situation.

The 9-5 life was catching up, and neither of us was enjoying it. There had to be a better way to live and enjoy life.

Creating an online business would be the answer. If treated well, it would allow for location independency, and a passive income. But the road would be anything but narrow

Nirankari Infotech would first go under many different

names- Various Topics, Tech Guru Tech, Tech Tech Academy, and finally—Nirankari Infotech

Experience quickly revealed what worked and what didn’t. With this we created the most simple and effective template and mantra ever:

Do what works.

This website & business is the result of that. And now we want to share it with you.

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